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Ember Tetra Beginner Guide : Care, Size, & More

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the ember tetra beginner guide now when I realized most about these fish is that they're more of a late-game fish they're not gonna be very beginner friendly in the way where beginners are attracted to these fish because they're a little discreet their presence is very small and they are not very like out going in terms of looks so they're not gonna

attract the new beginner fish tank hobbyist most of the time if you're keeping ember tetras you've already gotten over the guppy phase or the live bears and the neon tetras and a few other tetras and you've landed on this one most of the time I've seen the Emperor touch is used in beautiful aquascape settings where the experienced hobbyist

is using these as a fish to not show shoal off the fish but to show off the tank instead because their presence is very discreet put a nice school of these in your well aquascape tank and it's going to make everything look a bit polished and clean and they're also not really beginner friendly fish because they're not as Hardy as people might

think in my experience they're definitely a few tiers lower than the beginner-friendly tetras like the black skirt tetras and the Harlequin rest bora for example so they're not going to be your go to beginner friendly fish however if you do have any sort of experience keeping a fish tank properly so checking the parameters from time to time making sure the nitrates and ammonia levels are low enough doing

your weekly water changes or periodic water changes checking the temperature and you even have live plants then I'd say go for it if these guys are interesting to you right now then definitely try to keep some they're not the hardest fish to keep either their water quality needs are also pretty close to all the other having software hard water is not going to make or break the deal they like nice and warm water temperatures averaging 24 to 26 degrees Celsius pH ranging from 6.5 anywhere to 7.2 or 7.3 they'll readily take any sort of food just make sure that you crush it small enough for their tiny little mouths so if you're doing flakes make sure to crush it pretty well powder it so that they can actually eat it definitely give them a school so not just one or two of them and they're gonna be lonely as happy as they would be in a school of maybe ten to fifteen and they are some people think

they're nano fish I don't think they're proper nano fish in a sense where you can put them in an actual nano tank but that being said I think five gallons would probably be a minimum for these guys I wouldn't keep them in anything less than five gallon four tank mates you really want to stay away from those natural hunter types not really have to be aggressive fish but like a large angel fish in a tank with these guys they might not be able to eat the Ember tension per se but they'll

definitely try to harass it there's a good chance they'll harass them and try to nip them because they're natural hunting instincts and the emperor tetras are pretty small so it look like prey you generally want to stay with other very peaceful community fish like life bearers or other tetras like the neons Cardinals rasp Harlequin rats poorest people dress borås roaming host tetras they themselves are pretty

peaceful fish so you won't really run into any problems with that and my number one suggestion for these guys what I will personally do and what I see myself doing the future because I really do enjoy these guys my plan is to keep these guys in a 10-gallon planted tank along with a few auto-sync TLAs a small school of corydoras and perhaps even some of the mono shrimp for the cleanup crew and i would just keep it like that and that would be a perfect tank for me all right I'm

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